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Shifter Linkage Bushings

Shifter Linkage Bushings


If your linkage seems a little loose and the OEM bushings are failing, but you can't seem to find replacements these bushings are for you. They help tighten the linkage back up to even better than OEM. There are 3 different pairs of bushings, sold per pair. You'll notice in the picture the first 2 bushings are for the joint (pictured below them) that connects the shifter linkage to the selector fork on the trans. The 3rd bushing for where the shifter connects to the linkage. The black are my bushings vs the dirty OEM ones above them. At the top you'll notice the spacers on which they slide over.

*NOTE* These were designed based off the 70v linkage as the older style linkage uses a rivet (picture attached) instead of nut/bolt like the 70v. You just need to drill out the rivets and reaplace with bolt/nut for that one bushing. Also on some older linkages the middle spacer in the picture is wrapped in rubber and uses a very small bushings at the ends of it. Simply just trim off some of the rubber on each end of the spacer to allow the new bigger bushing to slide down flush. Contact me with any question.

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