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B13 Defrost Vent Gauge Pod

B13 Defrost Vent Gauge Pod


This is a snap in plate, that replaces the defrost vent under the A pillar, is modular in the way that I plan to make muliple different tops that screw down on it. First two tops ready for a single or dual gauge pod. The plate does still have a small vent behind the pod allowing it to continue its original function as a defrost vent. The pods are a hair bigger than 52mm to support pretty much all 52mm gauges, but if you find a little play just wrap the gauge body in some tape to snug fitment.


***If this is you're first time ordering please remember to order the plate with your pod choice. Having everything to order seperate is just easier if someone might just be upgrading from the single to dual pod, so they wouldn't need a second plate.

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