© 2018 by Matt Figel


A friend of mine who started a youtube channel centered around cars was looking for a logo that represented that. Juan, the channel creator, gave me a couple ideas of what he wanted and this was the result.

As always, thanks for your business Juan!

In college I had an internship with a small company Art Effects. They did the local Jazz Festival program free very year. I was fortunate enough to learn Quark express during the process of creating the one for 2009. This is the cover.

During my internship I was fortunate enough to have a hand in being part of a small team that helped develop a fresh new look for the Monroeville Public Library's logo.

When developing my website I wanted to make a few options for branding logos. Something more simple to identify my work instead of displaying the full name in situations that call for subtlety.

These next couple of logos were created for three different interoffice departments of a branch of a large company I currently work for. They were made as a sort of letter head in order to identify the origin of memos and agendas passed along through the company. I had made a few different ones for each department to give more options.


A current version of an application I'm helping to develop and test at my current employer is being upgraded and renamed. After finding out it was going to have to be renamed I submitted an idea of my own, and of course a logo to go with it. I am very proud of the idea and decided to share it here regardless if it gets chosen to represent the application or not.


James Stratman, owner of JS Fabrication is a freelance welder and friend of mine. He was looking for a logo to brand his products that was simple and transferred well by method of laser etch. 

As always, thanks for your business James.

This was a concept I created for the real estate company Howard Hanna to announced the  release of their new android app on their web site. They gave me strict requirements as to what should be displayed.

As always, thanks for the opportunity guys!

This guy is called the creepy Nissan mechanic. In the old school Japanese factory service manuals there are pictures of him. I took a bad image of him I found on the internet and recreated it in outlines to have vector art to produce stickers.

Horizon Landscaping is a small business a friend of mine, Tony, started a few years back after he graduated. With his success came more clients and he came to me to help him develop a straight forward logo.

As always, thank you Tony for the business!

A good friend of mine, and founder of Josh Winwood Photography, is an amateur photographer. He was in need of a simple watermark to place on photos he showed to his clients.


As always, thank you Josh for the business! 


A major hobby of mine is modifying and restoring old cars. Through that hobby I met David, who had his own carbon fiber creations and wrapping company he called CARBON SR. After wrapping a part for me, as payment, I created him a logo. These were the two options he liked best.

As always, thank you David for the business!


I am constantly involved with designing different PowerPoint presentations at my current employer as well. Never underestimate the benefit of a professional looking cover page and layout design. These are just two examples of cover pages I did. One was for training documentation and the other a monthly updated department presentation [November].